Aific License Agreement (ALA)

You can download and/or use any Aific software, source code, or graphics, which is distributed under the terms of this license, if and only if you fully understand and accept all terms of this License Agreement.

All software that can be found on this site ( and other Aific-associated websites was made with good intentions in mind. Its developers do not assume responsibility for any damage that could (though is not likely to) arise as a consequence of using it. Everything that can be downloaded from this site is free and cannot be subject to resale. If you would like to publish our programs on a CD, download server or elsewhere, you are free to do so. You do not need the consent of any of the authors. We ask, but do not require you, however, that you let us know.

No names, descriptions, pictures, or animations with the exception of the names of developers refer to any real people, places or events, unless it is stated otherwise.

Any graphics, pictures, animations, or screenshots, with the exception of the Aific logo, that are available on this site or closely related sites are free, and you may not resell any of them. You may distribute them freely only in their complete and unchanged versions, as they are available on this site. The Aific's logo is copyrighted by Ján Dzurek and cannot be used anywhere outside this site, other closely Aific-related sites, hyper-links directed to this side, and our software.

If the full source code of the program is NOT available:

It is strictly prohibited to modify any Aific files, copyrights or parts of this site. All of our software must be distributed only in its complete version, as it downloadable from this site or any related sites. You may not reuse any part of it, including data-files and resources.

However, if the full source code IS available:

You cannot modify the software unless you add your real name (a nickname is not acceptable) to the credits and inform us about the changes. You are welcome to port any of Aific's programs with available source code to other platforms. When you do that, you are obligated to add your real name to the credits and send us the new source code along with the binaries.

You may freely reproduce any part of the Aific's source code that is available at this or related websites only in freeware and open source programs. If you do that, you have to credit us as the authors of the portion of the source code you used and label the piece of reproduced code by name of the author of the original code and the name and version of the program the code has been reproduced from. The author of the original source code is not responsible for its possible improper functionality or for any possible damage caused by the software the code was used in. This paragraph applies also to all Aific files and their parts.